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Poster: Noah 8-? Date: May 23, 2016 12:05pm
Forum: movies Subject: What gives?

Regarding the THOUSANDS of uploads dumped into/onto IA, it is to quote:
"This account was a contributor until informed by the admins that contributions were no longer necessary."

The latest was at 18:01 UTC - - - maybe 9 minutes ago.

Looking further- - - 806 uploads at 18:43 UCT is about another upload every 45 to 50 seconds STILL.

Why is this arkiver STILL adding to the collection that since this morning amounted to 52,118 items?

Well, meebe the quote is wrong
Missr Hauser might still have permission to fill the site with HIS contributions
Missr Hauser will do whatever he/she/it wants to just because . .. . . . .

Un - - - less he is now a stockholder or IA really cannot do anything about it in any case.

Meebee tonight after 00:00 UTC I'll check again on how many pages have been dumped here - - - Again.

Whaddo I know? I'm just an observer.

Noah 8-?

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